I can solemnly swear...: Meet MALACHY KIRKE. He is EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD and is a SEVENTH YEAR...



Meet MALACHY KIRKE. He is EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD and is a SEVENTH YEAR SLYTHERIN who looks a lot like KEVEN ZEGERS. Fortunately for you, Malachy is OPEN.

+ Personality:

Malachy Kirke knows how to get what he wants. He speaks with sweet words but with evil intentions. He’s manipulative, and dangerously territorial. He’ll flirt with any girl he finds pretty enough and doesn’t take kindly to being rebuffed. He can actually be quite terrifying at times. He always holds his head high, a smirk on his lips and a glint in his eye. To those who know him, there’s really no doubt that Malachy will one day become a Death Eater. Even if he’s not blatantly violent, when he feels insulted he says more with his hands than he does his mouth. He can be the most charming person you’ve ever met, kissing your hand and holding open a door, but inside, he only cares about getting what he wants. To him, nothing else matters.

+ Biography:

The eldest of the Kirke twins, Malachy has always looked after his younger sister. From a young age he watched her, lashing out at anyone who dared to hurt her. He even kept her secret when he found out she was sneaking out when they were eight. At first, it was all harmless fun. Sometimes he’d even sneak out with her, just to see what all her fuss was about, and he usually had a good time.

Growing up, Mal wasn’t a bad kid, per se, just a bit mislead. He made a few bad choices, and had a bit of a temper, but he was still a relatively good person. He, like his sister, yearned for their parents approval, and therefore strived to be the perfect son. And, being a Kirke, that meant walking with your back straight and your nose turned up at others because you knew you were better than them. Needless to say, confidence wasn’t something he had for a while, but arrogance? That was instilled in him from a young age. Somehow, his sister never got that part. She stayed playful, happy, kind. They told each other everything, and never had any secrets. That’s usually what you get when you’re a twin.

Everything changed, however when they finally went to Hogwarts. Malachy was sorted into Slytherin, just as he’d expected, but his sister….she was put into Gryffindor. Mal couldn’t understand it and he didn’t like this new seperation. He’d always lived with his sister right in the next room, but now she was on the other side of the castle! He was angry for weeks, but eventually decided he’d simply have to make sure to spend more time with her. Not to say he didn’t enjoy getting to know his fellow serpents. He already knew one Aiden Mulciber from before their days at school, but the others, he had yet to meet.

Through the years, Mal grew up into a man that many of the younger slytherin girls would swoon for. He definitely had that bad boy persona, and merlin’s beard did it work for him. There were even girls in other houses that were drawn to him, seeing him as a troubled soul that they thought they could fix. They never did fix him though. He wooed them, took what he wanted, and then dropped them. He rarely let them down gently. He just didn’t care enough for that.

Only recently has he discovered just how much his sister’s grown up over these years at Hogwarts. She’s no longer the little girl sneaking out after the sun went down. No, now she’s a young woman sneaking out, and she’s rarely ever alone. Most of the time, he sees her with her friends, her fellow Gryffindors, or that Amelia Bones, but then….then there are the times when he sees her with a boy, and it triggers something in him that just wants to curse them all into oblivion. He’d like to say that he was just protective, but even he knows that deep down, it’s more than that. He’s jealous. He wont admit it, but even when he thinks about it to himself, he rarely ever sees it as wrong. The Blacks and the Malfoys have been doing it for generations, so why should he feel bad? Malachy Kirke is a man who gets what he wants. And what he wants, is Gwen. She is his, and if he has to prove that, he will. And until the time comes to do so, he’ll just keep toying with the hearts of the girls who are foolish enough to throw themselves at him. They’ll keep him sated…for now.

+ Anything else:

+ Malachy is the Keeper of the Slytherin Quidditch Team.

+ He excels in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions

Someone should take up Malachy Kirke in the icansolemnlyswear rp. i play his sister Gwendolyn Kirke and for fuck’s sake she needs her bro. C’mon…It’s Kevin Zegers!! 

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Are you up to no good?

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